Tragedy in Orlando

God of compassion,
We pray for our LGBTQ family, your precious children,
Made in your image, yet so brutally murdered in Orlando.
They died at the hands of hatred,
May they rest now in the arms of your love.
We pray for their families;
For comfort in their pain and grief,
For stillness in the whirlwind of anger and politics,
For protection from the hatred and ignorance of others.
We repent of the part the church has and continues to play
in perpetuating a culture of hate toward LGBTQ people.
May our hands become part of the caring and embrace,
That responds to this tragedy.
May our words and our prayers bring healing,
And may our anger bring the justice
Of equality and love for all people.
We pray in the name of Jesus, our lover and friend. Amen.
By Mike Deed
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