Prayer for a New Year…

A Prayer for A New Year


Timeless One,

We thank you for coming among us in the person of Jesus,

Measuring his own life and time in the beating of a heart.

As we move through life from one year, to the next,

Fill our hearts with gratitude for those who have travelled with us,

For the moments on our pilgrimage where we have glimpsed you,

And for the places of darkness through which we have passed.


Lead us into a new year,

And help us to encounter your grace;

In the chance for new beginnings,

In the places where we are re-made,

In the growing of love,

And the building of Justice.


And in all moments, Timeless Friend,

Help us to know that you reach into time

To journey with us.  Amen.


© M. Deed 2013

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